About the Company

Multi-Store Industries

9 Nevilles St
Underwood, Qld, 4119

Ph.:  +61 7 3208 6799
Fax: +61 7 3290 6332

Email: sales@multi-store.com.au

Leading manufacturing Company, which produce:
  • a unique wardrobe storage system for the Do-It-Yourself market that is simple, versatile and very economical;
  • and a wide range of Japanese style oriental screens and doors.

The company produces products for the following markets:

Retailers, builders, home renovators, interior designers, architects, cabinetmakers, handymen and the average home owner/Do-It-Yourself person.

Company Objective
Multi-Store Industries Pty Ltd is a leading manufacturer specialising in wardrobe componentry for the Do-It-Yourself market and Shoji Screens for the domestic and commercial building markets.

Company History
Multi-Store was established in 1986 and is Australia's leading company specialising in wardrobe componentry for the Do-It-Yourself market in Queensland. In recent years, Multi-Store expanded their range and now produce elegant and functional Shoji Screens and Doors.

Multi-Store's range of wardrobe componentry and Shoji Screens and Doors utilise the finest materials and skilled craftsmanship to produce quality products for application in the domestic and commercial markets.

Now in it's 17th year, Multi-Store operates from an 11,000 sq ft premises employing 18 people manufacturing wardrobes and sliding doors, in a modern factory equipped with the latest technology.

As an established Australian company, with a quality, innovative product range, Multi-Store is continuing to develop and expand their base to include overseas markets.


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